Enterprise Data Backup

Backup Your Critical Data Securely on the Cloud

Our state-of-the-art Ontario Datacenter Cloud Backup Vault is an easy-to-use and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solution specifically designed for all businesses. You can easily back up your VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus Domino/Notes, Oracle database, MySQL database, Windows servers, Linux servers, desktops and laptops to our highly dependable datacenter for backup storage.

You should have already known that business data are important assets of your company that you cannot afford to lose. If your company only stores backup data on-site, i.e. within your office premises, these data will be lost when a disaster strikes. Therefore, the most effective method to protect your data is to back up your data offsite. Ontario Datacenter Cloud Backup Vault is an ideal offsite backup solution in safeguarding mission critical business data against data loss caused by accidents and system failure.

Fully Managed Service

managed-services-iconYour backup data will be stored in ontario Datacenter Cloud Backup Vault located in a first class datacentre, which has obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management (ISMS) Certification. Ontario Datacenter also offers fully managed services, thus giving you a peace of mind in data protection.


256-Bit Data Encryption, 128-Bit SSL

encryption-ssl-iconYour data will be 256-bit encrypted and compressed before uploading to Ontario Datacenter Cloud Backup Vault via a secure 128-bit SSL connection channel. Besides, only the changes will be uploaded to the cloud during each backup operation with file and folder names hashed. These features can effectively ensure the security of the backd up data.


1Gbit/s Dedicated Bandwidth

1-gbs-bandwidth-iconCustomers of ontario Datacenter Cloud Backup Vault can enjoy a 100Mbit/s connection speed per storage enclosure. Extra bandwidth can be obtained on request. With our multi-threaded design, 10GB of data can be backed up within an hour. In conjunction with our In-File Delta and seed-load technologies, backing up a large amount of data can be completed in a very short period of time.

Automatic Backup, No Human Intervention

automatic-backup-iconWith Ontario Datacenter Cloud Backup Vault, backup jobs will automatically run everyday according to your defined schedules. Therefore, a significant portion of IT human resources for taking care of the backup system can be saved. Besides, as error-prone human intervention is no longer required, no more human errors will ever happen again.


Free Monthly Backup Archive On Your Hand

free-monthly-backup-iconAs optional service any company subscribed to the Dedicated Storage Plan of Cloud Backup Vault will receive physical hard-disk(s) loaded with the achive of the backed up data of the previous month. The archived backup data are readily restorable by Ontario Datacenter client application. Thus, fast on-site restoration from the achive can be done if required.


Backup Virtual Machines and Common Applications

virtual-machine-backup-iconOntario Datacenter Cloud Backup Vault comes with robust enterprise-class backup features specifically designed for businesses of any sizes, including VMware and Hyper-V support, Microsoft Exchange Server mail-level backup, Microsoft SQL Server backup, Windows-Linux-Mac cross-platform operation, 256-bit AES encryption, etc.


Restore Data Anytime, Anywhere

restore-data-iconOntario Datacenter Cloud Backup Vault provides web data restore function, which allows users to restore backed up data through the Internet at any location. For example, when a staff urgently requires to retrieve a file from our Cloud Backup Vault during a business trip, he/she can simply do it by logging in his/her backup account via any common web browser to restore that file.

Multi Versioning

multi-versioning-iconIn-File Delta, Continuous Data Protection, and flexible retention policy allow a file to have multiple backup versions kept in our backup servers. You can define the number of versions a file needs to be kept, as well as the duration of a deleted file that is required to be retained on our Cloud Backup Vault based on your company's backup policy.

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