As a Dell and Equus reseller and oem distributor, XOOM PRODUCTIONS helps make the best selection for clients through a choice of open standard based pcs, laptops, workstations and servers to help simplify and automate their IT hardware, and free up valuable IT resources to concentrate on the needs of the business, rather than looking after hardware.

Businesses can achieve more by using our Dell and Equus reseller and distributor products allowing them to:

Optimize virtualization environment with memory-dense platforms, turn data into insights faster with solid-state flash, accelerate high performance computing through integrated GPU technology, get more throughput with major I/O performance enhancements.

Improve Operational Efficiency:
  • Manage anywhere, anytime, with agent-free server management consoles.
  • Reduce maintenance time with auto-updates for replacement parts.
  • Control cooling costs with better power monitoring and automated control.
  • Tailor your network to your applications with fabric flexibility.

Dell and Equus provides a wonderful variety of entry-level to high-end desktop computers, workstations and servers designed specifically for your business. We know that however demanding your computing needs are, we have a Dell and Equus solutions that will fit your requirements. All systems are fully configurable so that you are purchasing only exactly what you need, ensuring that your new equipment is affordable and future proof, as well as protected by Dell’s world-class services and customer support.

Guarantee Business Continuity