Data Centers

partners big imageWe are working with 5 state-of-the-art data centers located in the USA (Ontario, California) and (Chicago, Ilinois), the UK (Maidenhead, Berkshire), Australia (Sydney), and Sweden (Stockholm).

Choosing a data center that's closer to your location will help you enjoy greater loading speeds for your sites and applications.

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XOOM PRODUCTIONS and XOOMSERVERS.NET provides one of the highest levels of security and stability thanks to it's partnership with leading hardware manufactures. We strive to ensure maximum data protection and uptime for our customers' web sites, for that reason we have added a specially designed anti-DdoS device to protect our network from unfriendly outer attacks.


XOOM PRODUCTIONS maintains a high-performance hosting platform. This means that our in-house built hosting Control Panel has been especially optimized to operate in total synchronicity with the rest of the software installed on the servers. Our engineers are monitoring the services 24 hours a day to ensure maximum security and accessibility.


XOOM PRODUCTIONS known for the quality of its services, is partnering with some of today's IT industry leaders. One of XOOM PRODUCTIONS's main goals is to offer it's customers new hosting horizons, perspectives and possibilities.